Stop wasting time and money on your client's security.

Partner up with Astra to give your clients fully-secure websites and earn great commissions!
There was a 100% reduction of hacked client sites since Astra has been integrated with Themecloud. Actually, the only hacked sites we have now is one that was already hacked before we migrated to Astra or because they did not have Astra installed :)
— Laurent Vergnaud Founder,
Sam- Client
A customer said his credit card has been hacked??
Jason Website Client
URGENT!  Website Down!
Michelle Chicago Client
Is my site blacklisted by Google!?
Website Team
Why are my customers getting a 404?

Don’t let security issues drive your agency out of business

There's a thousand ways the website you just developed can crash because of a bug or malware. There's a hack every 39 seconds.

You could protect your clients' websites and help their business, while earning a little extra.

Save valuable time and energy your agency spends managing your client’s security.

Let the experts handle security, while you bag great commissions!

Secure your clients' websites from all sorts of malware and hackers with Astra, and stop wasting time and energy on malware clean-ups.

Astra shields websites from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, and 110+ other types of attacks!

Phishing & social hacks
Brute force
Bad Bots
SQL injection
Ads & redirection

Astra is for high growth agencies that do things the smart way.

It is for agencies who impress their clients with exceptional experiences. The ones who want to go the extra mile, without doing all the heavy lifting.

Because growing your business is tough enough, managing your client’s security shouldn’t be.

Development Agencies
Get the competitive edge. Secure every customer and make sure they don't get a bad reputation for being hacked.
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Hosting Companies
Customers trust you with their data. Enhance your offering by adding ASTRA's 360° Security to your plans.
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Write secure code and retain customers. Win projects by accounting for security from day one.
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A partnership that comes with many (cool) perks!

Get a co-branded dashboard and easily invite your customers
Get featured on our website along with a high DA backlink
Win potential new business from Astra’s customer pool

Pick up an extra source of revenue

Earn commissions as our agency partner! Secure your client websites with bulk-discounted prices, an a promise of full security from all attacks.

Automate your work and be a security conscious agency!

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Zero hassle setup with any CMS

Spend less than 3 minutes setting Astra up, and all your websites are ready for battle. Fully optimized for WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel and anything PHP.

I woke up on a Friday morning from a client telling me that my website was redirecting to questionable websites. After a few Google searches I found Astra security.

The kind of responsiveness & professionalism I received from Astra, it’s clear to me  they are experts in this!

— Kyle Sexton
Marketing Strategist & Author
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Manage anywhere between 5 and 500+ sites with ease

Even at 500 sites, have the perfect overview of the security for all your client websites! Add, modify and remove websites as required. One single dashboard will give you all the information you need.

Share a dashboard with each client, assigned to their website. Keep tabs on all attacks and block and whitelist IPs and countries as needed, with just a few clicks!

I can’t thank Astra enough for making security so easy.

There’s so much that can happen to a website when it comes to security - malware, hackers, bots & what not. But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about any of it.

Get Astra - it’s the best solution available & easiest to use!

— Richard Butler
Founder, WP Quick Promote
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Quick, human support for you and your clients

Need help with installation? Looking for a solution to a confusing security problem?

Ask our support team, and get help immediately. No 24-hour wait periods. Get answers now!

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How do I block a specific IP from accessing my website?
Hey Matt, I’ll help you!
To block a specific IP, go to the ‘Threats’ Page > ‘Trusted & Blocked List’ and click on ‘Add a Custom Rule’
Worked. Thank you!