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Built by the team that has helped secure:
Phishing & social hacks
Bad Bots
SQL injection
Plugin vulnerabilities

We fix websites with a 100% success rate

Our Security Experts fix hundreds of websites every day and we do it 100% right.

We help you fight everything from SQL injections to credit card stealing malware—any security threat that you may face. Never worry about losing customers or website downtime due to hacks ever again.

I woke up on a Friday morning from a client telling me that my website was redirecting to questionable websites. After a few Google searches I found Astra security.

The kind of responsiveness & professionalism I received from Astra, it’s clear to me  they are experts in this!

— Kyle Sexton
Marketing Strategist & Author
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Threats Blocked
24x7 Realtime Protection
IP and Country Blocking
Protection from 100+ flaws
Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Blocking
Brute-force Protection
Explore the Firewall
Malware scanner
Unlimited Scans
Automatic & Scheduled Scans
File Difference Visualization
Automatic Malware Removal
Machine Learning Powered
PDF & Email Reports
Explore the Scanner
Vulnerability Scans
OWASP Top 10
Business Logic & Payment Analysis
VAPT Security Certificate
Bugfix Assistance & Re-scan
Static & Dynamic Code Analysis
Consultation Call
Explore Vulnerability Scans
Bug Bounty
Launch in 4 Mins With No Coding
Leverage the Security Community
Managed By Our Security Experts
Self-manage the Program
Reward Hackers
Be a Security Conscious company
Explore Bug Bounty

Astra has everything you need to manage your security, in one place

From expensive security agencies to free plugins, Astra replaces it all. Stop wasting time and money trying multiple solutions. Get it done with Astra.
Astra Cleanup
1-4 hours
Other Cleanup Services
12-24 hours

Get the fastest
clean-up in the industry

Stop waiting for a week to resume business. When your website is under attack, every minute is crucial. A delayed response can cost you money, traffic and reputation.

Clean up your website fast with Astra’s automatic malware scanner!

One plan that gives you complete protection


Everything you need to secure your hacked website now and safeguard it from threats in the future!

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