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The Most Powerful Malware Checker
Check 65+ search
engines for website
Run 140+ security tests
on your website
with a click
Check your website for SEO spam & Japanese keyword hacks
Super Fast
Astra’s malware scanner optimizes itself with each scan making subsequent scans visibly faster
Ever Evolving
Our malware scanner is powered by machine learning which intelligently detects early signs of malware
Intuitive Reports
Malware, backdoors & core file changes are visualized to highlight instances of malware within your code
Astra's WordPress Malware Scanner

Unveil all Malware & Backdoors

One-Click Start from Dashboard

Detects Hidden Malware & Backdoors

Beyond Malware Signature Matching

Our malware scanner is deeply coupled with our firewall, security audit & community security offerings helping us stay on top of the security world & bringing in that intelligence to malware scanner

Community Powered

Astra’s community powered WordPress malware scanner brings collective intelligence of thousands of website to your website’s security, helping you stay a step ahead of hackers

Resource Optimized

Unlike other malware scanners, Astra’s malware scanner would never slow your website. Our intelligent scanning technology helps us scan faster than other scanners without slowing down your website

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Malware scanner can be installed as a plugin. You can download the plugin from WebPro dashboard after the sign-up.

Our malware scanner which will give you a well detailed report of all malware & backdoors. Then you need to go to the file path & delete the malicious code or file.

Yes, with malware scanner you get access to WebPro firewall which stops all malware attacks in real time.

Hosting malware scanners are not tailored as per CMS & they scan only limited files of your website. You need a scanner that is tailored for your CMS or tech stack & updates periodically with the hacks