Make your PHP site the safest place on the internet.

PHP sites are vulnerable to malware and security flaws. Protect your website with WebPro and never worry about security again!
Phishing & social hacks
Bad Bots
SQL injection
Plugin vulnerabilities

The average website is attacked by malware 44 times per day.

Weak plug-ins, vulnerabilities in your hosting platform, insecure themes- anything could allow a malware to infect your CMS.

But you don't have to worry about any of them.

Say goodbye to code changes and free plugins that don't tackle complete security. Say hello to Astra!

WebPro is the trusted all-in-one solution for securing PHP

Stop worrying about your site's vulnerabilities. Sleep stress-free at night with Astra guarding your website from any and all threats.

All you have to do is install it, and then sit back and watch us fight the malware!

No coding, no complicated jargon, no ages of waiting.

Just a very secure website, with very little effort.

Secure your PHP now
24x7 Realtime Protection
IP and Country Blocking
Protection from 100+ flaws
Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Blocking
Brute-force Protection
Explore the Firewall
Malware scanner
Unlimited Scans
Automatic & Scheduled Scans
File Difference Visualization
Automatic Malware Removal
Machine Learning Powered
PDF & Email Reports
Explore the Scanner
Vulnerability Scans
OWASP Top 10
Business Logic & Payment Analysis
VAPT Security Certificate
Bugfix Assistance & Re-scan
Static & Dynamic Code Analysis
Consultation Call
Explore Vulnerability Scans
Bug Bounty
Launch in 4 Mins With No Coding
Leverage the Security Community
Managed By Our Security Experts
Self-manage the Program
Reward Hackers
Be a Security Conscious company
Explore Bug Bounty

Astra has everything you need to manage your security, in one place

From expensive security agencies to free plugins, Astra replaces it all. Stop wasting time and money trying multiple solutions. Get it done with Astra.
Astra Firewall is
Your Protection Status
Astra Firewall
Protection Mode
Astra Seal

Secure every part of your PHP, without compromising on speed

Identify and destroy every kind of malware that could hurt your business—automatically, without slowing down your website.

Patch all vulnerabilities of your site, block bad bots, identify and stop SQL injections and XSS attacks. Make sure all third-party plugins are safe and secure!

I woke up on a Friday morning from a client telling me that my website was redirecting to questionable websites. After a few Google searches I found Astra security.

The kind of responsiveness & professionalism I received from Astra, it’s clear to me  they are experts in this!

— Kyle Sexton
Marketing Strategist & Author
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Threats Blocked

Set up an all-round security system, minus the hassle

Spend less than 3 minutes setting Astra up, and all your websites are ready for battle.

No coding, no long procedures that take half a day. Effortlessly install Astra on your website, and get guidance on every step.

I can’t thank Astra enough for making security so easy.

There’s so much that can happen to a website when it comes to security - malware, hackers, bots & what not. But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about any of it.

Get Astra - it’s the best solution available & easiest to use!

— Richard Butler
Founder, WP Quick Promote
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Threats Blocked
Active and Secure
Ultra Secure

Manage and customise your security in one place

Find everything you need to know about your website's security status on a visual dashboard! See how many attacks have been blocked and other details, in summarised reports sent to you regularly.

Decide who gets access to your website by setting up custom rules for countries and IP addresses.

There was a 100% reduction of hacked client sites since Astra has been integrated with Themecloud. Actually, the only hacked sites that we are facing now are because they did not have Astra installed.

— Laurent Vergnaud
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Threats Blocked

Get human help, anytime you need it

Need help with installation? Looking for a solution to a confusing security problem?

Ask our support team, and get help immediately. No 24-hour wait periods. Get answers now!

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Response time
Satisfaction rate
How do I block a specific IP from accessing my website?
Hey Matt, I’ll help you!
To block a specific IP, go to the ‘Threats’ Page > ‘Trusted & Blocked List’ and click on ‘Add a Custom Rule’
Worked. Thank you!

Protect your website in 3 mins with Astra!